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When I first went to the "Cafe", I immediately drew attention to the saleswoman - sincere and friendly. And the more time I spent there, the more I liked Pani Galina. Given the location of the institution and its audience, this woman is faced with conflict situations, even fights, and despite everything she manages to remain delicate, polite and restrained. Sometimes, while talking, I was surprised at the breadth and boldness of her views, and we talked about very different things. Many visitors to the "Cafe" come to her, because she is loved here.

Before moving here, Mrs. Galina worked for 25 years in the Express cafe, which is located around the corner of the station. She is a food technologist by profession, so she knows everything about this business. Before the New Year, Pani Galina herself decorated the "Cafe" with garlands, put up a Christmas tree, because she wanted to create coziness. “It's so nice when people come and talk to you and don't want to go anywhere. I feel their joy, and this also makes me feel very good, ”she admits.

Visitors to the "Cafe" at first were wary of me. I had to earn their trust, fit into the local space, do something to become my own: eat and drink what everyone else, listen and hear their stories, tell about myself, just be here and now. Only in this way I received reciprocity - sincere communication and a good attitude.

People here are usually looking for company, but sometimes random visitors come to the cafe, who, while waiting for their train, eat chanakhi and drink "one hundred grams".

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